Privacy Policy and Personal Information Collection Statements

October 20, 2021

Ikigai Concepts Limited (“Ikigai Concepts”) recognizes the importance of your privacy online. Please read the following policy and statement (“this Privacy Statement”) carefully to understand how personal data is collected and used by Ikigai Concepts as you make use of Ikigai Concepts’ website (“this Website”) and mobile application (“this Application”).

By accessing or utilizing products/services on this Website and/or this Application means that you have accepted the terms of this Privacy Statement. If you are unwilling to be bound by the following terms, please do not use or access this Website or this Application. You may be required to complete any form via this Website or this Application from time to time.  A click/press on the “submit”, “accept” or “confirm” buttons through this Website or this Application indicates that you have read and fully understood this Privacy Statement and agreed to be bound by the terms herein.

Ikigai Concepts reserves the right to change or modify any of the contents of this Website or this Application at any time and the right to unilaterally change any part(s) of this Privacy Statement without notification. You should regularly check whether this Privacy Statement has been modified via this Website and this Application, as your continued use or access of this Website or this Application indicates your acceptance of all such modified and new terms of this Privacy Statement which will also apply to your subsequent use or access of this Website or this Application. However, if the modification might materially affect the way we use or disclose your personal data (“Data”), Ikigai Concepts will ask for your consent prior to such use or disclosure. “You”, “member” and “user” refer to any person that accesses this Website or this Application for any reason.

1. Collection of Data and its purposes
When you use this Application to register as a member and obtain your membership card (“Membership Card”) under a member loyalty program (“Membership Program”) operated by Ikigai Concepts (details of which are set out in the Terms and Conditions of Ikigai Concepts Membership Program and are available on, update your profile, submit application, make enquiry and/or otherwise purchase/use the products/services provided on or via this Application, you may have to provide to Ikigai Concepts your Data and other information including but not limited to your name, contact details and email address. You agree to provide to Ikigai Concepts such Data voluntarily. If you fail to provide such Data and other information or the Data or information you provided is incomplete or incorrect, Ikigai Concepts may not be able to provide or continue to provide you with the relevant products/services. You agree and understand that any and all of the Data you provided to Ikigai Concepts will be collected and used as follows:(a) for verification of identity and record;(b) for displaying on the membership portal when you use this Application, the internet and other channels in managing your Data;(c) for analysis and for comparison with others’ Data in order to gather statistical information to help us serve you better and develop Ikigai Concepts’ products or services and market promotion programs;(d) for sending and communicating with you about your purchases activities and/or other transactions, program participation, membership (e.g. information on membership program, balance of IKG Point (as described in the Terms and Conditions of Ikigai Concepts Membership Program) and membership renewal, etc.) and promotional offers for members;(e) for sending and communicating with you offers and promotions in relation to food and beverage and catering services provided by Ikigai Concepts engaging in food and beverage business and catering services;(f) for storing communication contacting details;(g) for generating survey on user traffic on this Website or this Application;(h) for processing of your product/service requests;(i) for facilitating the daily operation and maintenance of your Membership Card;(j) for implementing your instruction, processing your application, responding to your enquiries or complaints or those made in your name, and providing efficient and responsive services; (k) for any other incidental or associated purposes relating to the above and any other purpose which a member or user may from time to time agree; and/or(l) other purposes directly related to the purposes specified above.

2. Direct Marketing
Ikigai Concepts intends to use your Data in direct marketing for the purposes as set out in this Privacy Statement but Ikigai Concepts may not do so unless Ikigai Concepts has received your consent for such intended use. You have the right to choose to receive, or not to receive in future, any promotional materials from Ikigai Concepts. Subject to you having provided your consent to Ikigai Concepts for the use of Data in direct marketing activities, you will receive SMS and emails from Ikigai Concepts from time to time containing direct marketing information in relation to the offers and promotions on the food and beverage and catering services provided by Ikigai Concepts. For joint promotion, information will only be sent by Ikigai Concepts or its designated service provider providing communications services, but not by the business partners in such joint promotion.If you wish to update or change any of your Data, or if you do not wish to receive any direct marketing communications in the future, you can at any time send us your request with your name and/or Membership Card number (for identification), if applicable, to Ikigai Concepts’  Data Privacy Officer via email at: or by post to: Shop 211, 2/F, Nina Mall 2, Tsuen Wan West, New Territories, Hong Kong.Please note that if you opt out of receiving direct marketing communications, you will not receive the news in relation to our discount offer, promotion, Membership Program or its renewal. 

3. Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486 of the Laws of Hong Kong) (“Ordinance”)
Ikigai Concepts shall comply with the statutory requirements under the Ordinance for implementation of its personal data policy and the ways it collects, uses, stores, discloses, transfers, protects and accesses such Data.

4. Retention, storage and disclosure of Data
You acknowledge, agree and authorize us to retain and store the Data you provided in one or more databases of Ikigai Concepts within or outside Hong Kong, and to provide, disclose, allow access and transfer such Data to:(a) any employee and/or officer of Ikigai Concepts who are authorized to handle such Data for the purposes for which such Data are collected;(b) any contractor or agent which provides administrative, telecommunication, computer, payment, insurance, professional or other services to Ikigai Concepts and is engaged by Ikigai Concepts for the purposes for which such Data are collected or relevant to the purposes for which such Data are collected;(c) anyone that Ikigai Concepts has to make disclosure to in accordance with the requirements of any applicable laws, court of competent jurisdiction, recognized stock exchange, regulator, tax authority or other government authorities and/or any administrative policies or regulations.You agree that Ikigai Concepts can disclose your Data in the following reasonable and necessary circumstances:(i) in compliance with relevant laws, the direction of any of the government authorities, the regulators and the recognized stock exchange or the court order;(ii) to execute or implement any terms of use relating to your use of this Website, this Application, Membership Card or the products/services provided by Ikigai Concepts;(iii) to protect the rights, properties or interests of Ikigai Concepts or any of its employees, officers, agents, contractors, customers and/or any users of this Website or this Application; or(iv) in compliance with this Privacy Statement.Ikigai Concepts specifically states herein that it has not and will not sell your Data. Ikigai Concepts also will not provide, disclose, allow access and transfer your Data to any third party other than the above.Ikigai Concepts shall retain your Data after you have provided your Data via this Website or this Application. Your Data will be retained for not more than one year after the date of your unsuccessful application for membership under the Membership Program, the date of termination or expiration of your membership or the date on which the membership plan or the purpose for which you provided your Data ceases to take effect or becomes invalid, as the case may be, and such Data will thereafter be erased.

5. Security of Data
Ikigai Concepts will use various security technologies and procedures to protect your Data from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. Because of the nature of internet, Ikigai Concepts cannot guarantee the security on any transfer of Data. However, Ikigai Concepts will take practical and feasible measures to ensure any Data collected by this Website or this Application will not be intercepted by any third party. 

6. Access, amendment or deletion to Data or opt-out of receiving Ikigai Concepts communications
You are aware that according to the Ordinance, you have the right to access your Data held by Ikigai Concepts and request for amendment of your Data. If you wish to access or amend your Data held by Ikigai Concepts, please send your request with your name and/or Ikigai Concepts Card number for identification, if applicable, to Ikigai Concepts’ Data Privacy Officer via email at: or by post to: Shop 211, 2/F, Nina Mall 2, Tsuen Wan West, New Territories, Hong Kong.

7. Cookies and third-party applications
Ikigai Concepts may use cookies on this Website. Cookies is a small text file that is placed on your hard disk by a Web page server. Cookies is not designed to use for or intended to use for accessing any information (except for the information on the cookies) of the user’s computer. On the contrary, it is an identifier placed on your hard disk. Cookies contain information that can later be searched by the same Web page server to identify a particular computer and cater for the use of the user and allow monitor and management of such use according to the information stored by that server. Therefore, cookies only provide to the website the information on the user’s computer and the website can link up such information of the cookies with other information such as personal identifier information. Similarly, Ikigai Concepts may use third-party applications in this Application. The purpose for this Website or this Application to use cookies or third-party applications is to allow automation on signing in and registration of information so that you are linked to the information for online activity or transaction when you conduct any such activity or transaction (if any) on this Website or this Application, to adjust this Website or this Application to your preferences or to personalize promotion or marketing. In addition, use of cookies or third-party applications may allow Ikigai Concepts to track the use of this Website or this Application to determine what content is useful or popular so that Ikigai Concepts can effectively develop and improve this Website and/or this Application. You can modify your web browser on the use of cookies so that it will send you warning or you can decline acceptance of cookies. Please note this Website may not function normally or permit your signing in if you choose to decline acceptance of cookies.

8. Links to third parties’ websites or applications
Please note that Ikigai Concepts provides links to third parties’ websites or applications as a service to users or acknowledgement of the applications. Ikigai Concepts is not responsible for the contents on such web pages or third-party applications or how information is collected. Ikigai Concepts recommends you to read carefully and understand all the privacy measures of any such third parties’ website or applications before you submit any information to them.

9. Children
This Website or this Application does not plan or intend to collect Data from persons under the age of 18 (“Minors”). To respect the privacy of the Minors, Minors should not provide any Data on this Website or this Application. Ikigai Concepts asks that parents/guardians monitor these Minors when they surf on the web or browse on this Website or this Application.

10. Applicable Law
This Privacy Statement is governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong and you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of Hong Kong courts for any disagreement, dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with this Privacy Statement.

11. Exclusion of Third Party Rights
Save for Ikigai Concepts, its affiliated companies and the user of this Website/this Application, no person shall have any right under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Ordinance (Cap.623 of the Laws of Hong Kong) to enforce or to enjoy the benefit of any term under this Privacy Statement.

12. Version Discrepancy
If there is any inconsistency or conflict between the English version and Chinese version of this Privacy Statement, the English version shall prevail. 

©Ikigai Concepts Limited



Ikigai Concepts Limited (下稱「Ikigai Concepts」) 非常重視閣下的私隱權。請仔細閱讀以下政策及聲明(下稱「本私隱聲明」),以了解當閣下使用Ikigai Concepts網站或手機應用程式時,Ikigai Concepts如何收集和使用個人資料。

當閣下安裝、使用或登記成為Ikigai Concepts手機應用程式(下稱「 本應用程式」)的會員, 即表明閣下已接受本私隱聲明之條款。如閣下不想接受下列條款的約束,請勿使用或請終止進入本應用程式。如閣下繼續使用本應用程式,填妥任何表格及按下「遞交」、「接受」、「確認」等按鈕,即表明閣下已詳細閱讀及瞭解本私隱聲明,並同意本私隱聲明中所敍述及日後Ikigai Concepts所實行的資料收集和使用方法。

 Ikigai Concepts保留權利可隨時更新及更改本網站或本應用程式內容,並可單方面修改本私隱聲明而不另作通知。閣下應定期透過本網站或本應用程式查看本私隱聲明是否有所修改,因爲閣下對本網站或本應用程式的持續使用即表明閣下接受本私隱聲明的任何變更。如果本私隱聲明有任何的修改可能會對我們使用或者披露閣下的資料(包括閣下的個人資料)(下稱「資料」)的方式產生極大影響,Ikigai Concepts會在取得閣下同意後才將閣下資料作有關用途。在此,「閣下」、「會員」和「用戶」乃指以任何理由或目的進入本網站或本應用程式之所有個別人士。

1. 資料收集的聲明及目的
當閣下使用本應用程式以登記閣下之Ikigai Concepts 會員卡、申請成為Ikigai Concepts會員、更新閣下的資料、提交申請、查詢及/或使用其他由本應用程式提供之服務時,可能須向Ikigai Concepts提供閣下的資料
(有關會員計劃條款及細則 詳情可瀏覽,包括但不限於姓名、聯絡資料和電子郵件地址。閣下明白如不向Ikigai Concepts提供有關資料,Ikigai Concepts可能無法向閣下提供服務。閣下同意此等資料是閣下自願向Ikigai Concepts提供的。閣下同意及明白向Ikigai Concepts提供的任何及所有資料將被收集起來,並可用作下列用途:(A) 作身份核證及紀錄;(B) 當閣下使用本應用程式、互聯網及其它有關渠道處理閣下的資料時顯示閣下的資料;(C) 將閣下的資料進行分析及與其他人的資料作比較,藉集合統計資料以幫助Ikigai Concepts為閣下更好地服務及制定Ikigai Concepts産品或服務及市場推廣計劃;(D) 就閣下的消費、參與活動計劃的情況、Ikigai Concepts會籍資料(例如:會員計劃資料、積分記錄及續會資訊)及會員專享推廣優惠的資訊與閣下進行溝通及發送有關資訊;(E) 就Ikigai Concepts進行食品、飲料業務及餐飲服務的子公司及關聯公司的食品、飲料及餐飲服務推廣優惠與閣下進行溝通及發送有關資訊;(F) 保存通訊聯絡資料;(G) 匯制有關本網站或本應用程式使用的總量統計;(H) 處理閣下的服務要求;(I) 方便日常操作閣下之戶口;(J) 執行閣下的指示、處理閣下的申請、回應該閣下或以該閣下名義提出的查詢,並向閣下提供有效而快捷的服務;(K) 與上述所列有關的任何其他附帶或相關用途,及會員或用戶不時同意的其他用途; 及/或(L) 其他與以上所列用途直接有關的其他用途。

Ikigai Concepts有意基於本私隱聲明中所列的目的將閣下的資料用於直接促銷,但Ikigai Concepts在未得到閣下的同意之前不能使用閣下的資料。閣下有權選擇接收,或將來不接收,任何Ikigai Concepts的推廣資訊。如閣下已向Ikigai Concepts給予同意使用閣下的資料作直接促銷,閣下可能會不時收到Ikigai Concepts發出的短訊及電郵,內含有關Ikigai Concepts的食品、飲料及餐飲服務推廣優惠的直接促銷資訊。有關聯合推廣的資訊,會由Ikigai Concepts或其指定的傳訊服務提供者發送,而不會由與Ikigai Concepts進行聯合推廣業務的合作夥伴發出。若閣下欲更新或更正閣下的資料,或若閣下將來不欲接收直接促銷資訊,可隨時電郵至 
dataprivacy@ikg.hk或致函香港荃灣如心廣場二期2樓211號舖, Ikigai Concepts Limited,以書面通知Ikigai Concepts資料保護主任 (請註明閣下之姓名;如適用,請註明閣下之Ikigai Concepts會員卡號碼) 。一旦選擇退出接收直接促銷資訊,閣下不會收到有關Ikigai Concepts推廣、優惠通知、會員計劃資訊及續期資訊。

3. 個人資料(私隱)條例(香港法律第486章)
Ikigai Concepts對於收集、使用、保存、披露、移轉、保護及存取資料的政策和做法,均符合香港有關法律,包括個人資料(私隱)條例(“條例”) 。

4. 保留、儲存及披露個人資料
閣下知道、同意及授權我們把閣下所提供的資料保留及儲存在Ikigai Concepts在香港或香港以外的地方的一個或多個數據庫內,並將此等資料提供、披露、供存取及傳送予:(A) Ikigai Concepts授權為上述收集資料目的處理有關資料之僱員;(B) Ikigai Concepts為上述收集資料目的或與其有關的目的而聘用向Ikigai Concepts提供行政、電訊、電腦、付賬、保險、專業服務或其他服務之合約承包商或代理商;(C) 按適用法律、行政制度或規例要求,Ikigai Concepts必須向其作出披露之任何人士。閣下同意,Ikigai Concepts為達到以下目的而在合理、必要的情況下可披露閣下的資料:(I) 遵守有關法律,有關政府機構的指示及法院命令;(Ii) 執行或實施就使用本網站、本應用程式、Ikigai Concepts 會員卡或Ikigai Concepts提供的服務的任何用戶協議的條款;(Iii) 保障Ikigai Concepts、其僱員、代理、顧客和用戶的權利、財産或利益;或(Iv) 遵守本私隱政策聲明。 Ikigai Concepts特此聲明從未亦不會銷售閣下的資料。Ikigai Concepts亦不會向上述以外的任何第三者提供、披露、供存取及傳送閣下的資料。Ikigai Concepts會保留閣下透過本網站或本應用程式提供的資料。若閣下之會員申請不成功、會員身份終止或會員登記過期或會員計劃或提供資料的目的終止,閣下的資料只會保留不多於1年的時間並隨之被删除。

5. 個人資料的安全
Ikigai Concepts會運用各種安全技術和程序來保障閣下的資料,避免未經授權的存取、使用或披露。鑒於互聯網的性質,Ikigai Concepts不能保證數據傳輸是百分之百的可靠。但是Ikigai Concepts將採取所有實際可行的措施,確保由Ikigai Concepts經本網站或本應用程式收集到的任何資料不受第三方的扞擾。

6. 查閱、更正或刪除個人資料或退出接收
Ikigai Concepts資訊根據條例,閣下有權查閱或更正Ikigai Concepts持有閣下的資料,而Ikigai Concepts會按照條例的規定處理有關要求。如需查閱或更正閣下的資料,請電郵至 或致函香港荃灣如心廣場二期2樓211號舖, Ikigai Concepts Limited,以書面通知Ikigai Concepts資料保護主任(請註明閣下之姓名;如適用,請註明閣下之Ikigai Concepts卡號碼作身份識別)。

7. 小型文字檔案及第三方應用程式
Ikigai Concepts有權在本網站上使用小型文字檔案(Cookies)。小型文字檔案是網路服務器基於用戶瀏覽器軟體所設置的許可而貯存在用戶電腦中的簡短文字文件。小型文字檔案本身並未被設計用於或意圖用於從用戶的電腦上讀取任何資訊(小型文字檔案本身的內容除外);相反,它是放置在閣下的硬碟上的網站所使用的一種識別物。小型文字檔案資訊的實際內容可由該同一台伺服器進行檢索,以識別該台電腦並隨後根據宿主伺服器所存貯的資訊使一網站的使用適合使用者的要求並對此等使用進行監控或管理。故此,小型文字檔案僅向網站表明用戶電腦的身份,而網站可能將其他資訊,包括個人識別資訊與小型文字檔案相聯繫。同樣地,Ikigai Concepts有權在本應用程式使用第三方應用程式。本網站使用小型文字檔案或本應用程式使用第三方應用程式的目的,是爲了使登錄及資料登記功能自動化,以便閣下使用本網站或本應用程式進行購物時(如有)與網上訂購資訊建立聯繫、讓本網站或本應用程式適合於閣下的偏好或喜好、或對促銷或營銷進行個性化定制。此外,小型文字檔案或第三方應用程式的使用可能使Ikigai Concepts能對本網站或本應用程式的使用進行追蹤,以判斷哪些內容是否有用或受歡迎,從而使Ikigai Concepts能有效地完善及改進本網站或本應用程式。閣下可以對閣下的網路瀏覽器進行調整,以就小型文字檔案的使用向閣下發出警告或是完全拒絕接受小型文字檔案。但請注意,若閣下選擇不接受”小型文字檔案”,則本網站可能無法正常運作或不允許閣下登錄。

8. 指向第三方網站或應用程式的連結
請留意,Ikigai Concepts提供指向第三方網站或第三方應用程式的連結,以作爲向用戶提供的服務或就使用第三方應用程式的確認聲明,但Ikigai Concepts不對此等網頁或第三方應用程式的內容或資訊獲取的做法負責。Ikigai Concepts建議閣下在向任何第三方網站或第三方應用程式提供資訊前仔細閱讀並瞭解其處理私隱做法。

9. 兒童
本網站或本應用程式沒計劃或意圖獲取年齡在18歲以下的未成年人士(“未成年人士”)的個人資料。爲尊重未成年人士的私隱權,未成年人士不應在本網站或本應用程式提供任何個人資料。Ikigai Concepts要求兒童在上網或使用本應用程式時應由父母進行監督。

10. 適用法律
本條款受香港特別行政區(「香港」)的法律管限,閣下同意將Ikigai Concepts與閣下之任何糾紛、爭議或索償交由香港法庭審理。

11. 不賦予第三者權利
除 Ikigai Concepts、其關聯公司和本網站/應用程序的用戶外,任何人均無權根據《合約(第三者權利)條例》(香港法例第623章)(「第三者條例」)強制執行或享受這些使用條款下的任何條款。

12. 版本差異


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