About us

The Japanese word “Ikigai” ( pronounced “ee-key-guy”) has the philosophical meaning of “a reason for being”. The little joys of each day will lead you to a more fulfilling life.

At Ikigai Concepts, we aim to enable our guests to find their own individual “Ikigai” through a multi-concept approach involving different specialized Japanese culinary disciplines, Japanese sake tasting & learning opportunities, as well as hand-picked lifestyle and F&B merchandise.

Ikigai Concepts is brought to you by the Chevalier Group and is set to expand to different locations throughout Hong Kong.


Distinctive zones are inspired by Japan’s lifestyle and diversity of unpretentious culinary culture from a cosy ‘kushiyaki’ grill for tasty skewers to popular ‘washoku’ favourites, stylish ‘omakase’ for ‘chef’s choice’ seasonal seafood sashimi and sushi, and classy ‘teppanyaki bar’ with a modern twist.